Summer at last!!! At Future Kids we are ready to have some fun in our Mad about Science Summer Camp for children between the ages 4 to 9.

Mad About Science Summer Camp is the ideal opportunity for your child to have fun while learning and interested in science, opening your mind to new experiences and skills.  Mad About Science Summer Camp combines innovative science projects, creativity challenges, indoor and outdoor games, character development and field trips to the most fun places.


Under the Sea

Children will learn all about the science behind things under the sea, discovering its creatures and habitat.

Crazy About Animals

Imagine your kids exploring the animal kingdom, learning about animals, their habitats and life cycle, interacting with real animals in a safety and fun environment.

Love for bugs

Our kids will explore the world of bugs and butterflies. Using a magnifying glass and our observation skills we will get to explore the bugs, life and learn how they help our earth.

To infinity and beyond

Opening the Space Frontier to our children, as they will become “Mad About Science Astronauts in Training”, we will discover the solar system, and the galaxies.

The Sky is the Limit

In this session our children will learn all about the water cycle and weather patterns.


Science Madness

Making volcanoes and more fun simple chemistry. Using basic chemistry, experience the magnetism and learning about science while having fun.


The cooking will serve to experience concepts of measurement, classification, physical and chemical changes, as well as following directions.

Arts and Crafts

We guide our children into a world where science and art meet. Through art and crafts, our children connect the left and right sides of their brains, planning, calculating and developing the necessary creativity.