We are a community of professionals and parents who strive to provide a high quality education for our children, which focus on the early attainment of scientific and technological skills appropriate to the different stages of development of our children.

Because it is well known that children are naturally curious and have an inborn tendency to explore by using their senses as scientific tools, our program is designed to augment their natural love for exploring.  We carefully designed our program using the latest research on cognitive science, as well as the developmental capabilities of young children, to provide a place that inspires and promotes children’s natural scientific capabilities, in a state of the art facility.

Our Vision

The vision of Future Kids Academy is to provide our children with a world class education by using the most recent scientifically-based methods as well as time proven strategies that are age-appropriate for early childhood education. We are committed to adhering to strong values, high moral standards and excellence in the education and care of our children.

Our Values

Safety: We are committed to the physical and emotional well being of our students. From the design of our facilities to the training of our staff, safety is a fundamental element to every aspect of our center.

Growth: Developing skills, knowledge and values in our children is the cornerstone of all of our activities. We continually strive to foster skills and aptitudes that will improve the future for each and every one of our students, both in their studies and in life.

Respect: We recognize the intrinsic value of every individual, regardless of age, race, religion or nationality. This is reflected in everything we do and stand for.

Trust: We realize the value and importance of trust and we’re committed to not only meeting but exceeding expectations. Parents, children and the community as a whole can count on us to uphold the highest standards of integrity.

Teamwork: We encourage the relationship between parents and educators as a way to maximize the development of our children. The interaction between parents and our staff helps create an atmosphere of openness and transparency as well as a sense of continuity between what’s taught at school and learned at home.

Innovation: We are committed to utilizing the most advanced educational tools and methodologies for early learning. Innovation lies at the heart of Future Kids Academy and is a critical element in the development of our students. We embrace science and technology to create a fun and age appropriate early learning experience.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is inspired by Jean Piaget’s ideas about how children think and learn. It considers the natural abilities of children and encourages the acquirement of new skills, knowledge, and values in a safe child-centered environment, using play and exploration as the essential tools for learning.

Structured activities are designed to help children develop a desire to learn about their world, as well as skills for social-emotional well-being and future academic success. Our environment provides many elements for children to experience a sense of discovery.

Every day we create conditions that stimulate curiosity and encourage our children’s desire to explore, investigate and experiment with elements in their surroundings.

Our highly qualified personnel, along with the support of our parent community, give us the ability to provide activities which enhance the physical, cognitive, linguistic, creative and socio-emotional development of children. Our environment integrates science, math, and early literacy into every interest area providing children with a well-rounded learning experience.

Our Mission

The mission of Future Kids Academy is to provide a comprehensive educational experience which stimulates all aspects of children’s development including the cognitive, social, emotional, and physical areas through a high quality, science and technology based age-appropriate program, in a safe, warm and caring environment.

We encourage the development of knowledge and skills through contact with science and technology as a means to prepare our children to grow up with critical thinking abilities and independent personalities as well as to become socially integrated, environmentally conscious and responsible with their community.