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We are a community of professionals and parents who strive to provide a high quality education for our children, which focus on the early attainment of scientific and technological skills appropriate to the different stages of development of our children.

Because it is well known that children are naturally curious and have an inborn tendency to explore by using their senses as scientific tools, our program is designed to augment their natural love for exploring.  about-future-kids-academyWe carefully designed our program using the latest research on cognitive science, as well as the developmental capabilities of young children, to provide a place that inspires and promotes children’s natural scientific capabilities, in a state of the art facility.

We approach each day with a sense of innovation, imagination and entertainment, balancing between a structured curriculum (necessary to ensure the maximum developmental potential of our children) along with self-paced learning, to ensure recognition of each child's individual learning styles, f internal motivation and self-esteem, and to help them develop the necessary skills for success in their future schools, personal and social life.

We are located at...

11402 NW 41 Street #107, Doral FL 33178
Phone: 305-718-9520


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